• Eterna



“We don’t do anything special, but what we do is especially good.”

Eterna was founded in 1863 in Passau, Germany. It specializes mainly in shirts and ties.

Health and economically tested 100% Swiss cotton fabrics made without the addition of synthetic materials. A special process has been developed, which results in 40% more durable materials. All shirts meet the strict requirements of Öko-Tex 100, are dermatologically friendly and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Non-iron products are made by ways of heat treatment of the raw material or finished products, and not by using mixed synthetic fabrics with the cotton or through special weaving. During production, the originally solid cotton fibres are transformed into a hollow structure. Fibres going through this process, unlike untreated cotton fibres, regain their straight, original shape after washing.

“Comfort is the secret of success” The three-key concept of the Eterna shirt are comfort, impeccable quality and reliability. Eterna shirts are suitable for a wide array of occasions, meeting demands of both classical urban wear and comfortable sporty casual outfits. It offers three main styles with its tailoring and silhouette for almost any occasion: COMFORT FIT, MODERN FIT and SLIM FIT, covering all ages, sizes and occasions. The selection includes everything from business, to trendy fashionable shirts.