Embroidered Initials

We offer embroidery of initials and logos for tailored and ready-made shirts, women’s blouses, uniforms, handkerchiefs, towels and bedding.

There are several fonts and nearly 500 different coloured threads to choose from.

The cost of embroidering for at least 6 shirts, blouses or handkerchiefs is HUF 8,900 / 6 pieces, with each additional piece for HUF 1400.

In case of buying 6 shirts in our shop in one purchase, we offer embroidering free of charge (Valid for different types and sizes of shirts as well).

The minimum quantity of embroidering on shirts, blouses and handkerchiefs purchased on previous occasions or elsewhere is 6 pieces.

We offer embroidery of initials for women’s blouses, uniforms, towels and linens, and embroidering logos on shirts and handkerchiefs, after personal consultation.