Tailor-Made Suit

We often hear that suits are uncomfortable. This is true – when someone is not wearing a good suit!

It is never uncomfortable to wear a good suit! Many don’t know, but this type of men’s clothing was originally meant for leisure and casual wear, and more specifically as sportswear. Men wore suits for tennis, golf, hunting, and horseback riding, so it was originally designed to fit the body perfectly, allowing for a comfortable, yet non-restricting outfit. Naturally, this feeling of comfort was guaranteed by the perfect harmony between fabric and tailoring.

We know that even today this is the basic condition for a really good suit. That’s why we can guarantee that the Cross & Field collection meets all the comfort and quality requirements that can be expected of a good suit.

Our tailor-made suits are made of the finest wool fabrics (Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Cerruti, Becker, Gaenslen & Völter).

From a tailoring point of view, these suits are works that are fitted to the customer’s needs, physique and lifestyle in every detail.


You can choose the materials that best suit your needs in our tailoring studio.

We can provide the widest range of fabrics, regarding material quality, colour and pattern matching the selected style.

We carry the fabrics for the tailoring of a wide selection of suits, jackets and the trousers offered by the British Holland & Sherry, the French Dormeuil, the Italian Barberis and our own Cross & Field collection (REDA, John Foster and Gaenslen & Völter).

The quality of our wool fabrics is in line with Super 150’S and Super 180’S refinement.

For quality suits and jackets – from our own stock – we offer matching buttons.