Tailored Shirts

Experts say that the most stylish piece of a man’s closet is a good shirt. But what’s makes a man’s shirt really good?

First of all, it is well-tailored, that is, it does not contain a superfluous amount of material, it does not crumple around the waist, it fits the upper body comfortably… The height and width of the collar should be well-suited to our physique, and the sleeves should be as long as to allow for about one and a half extra centimetres under the jacket, showing expertise in how to wear a formal shirt.

Tailor-made shirts bring the standard even higher. It is a dimension without compromise: materials, colours, patterns… between collars and cuffs, we can determine everything ourselves. And with each and every decision, we add elements of our taste and individual style to the finished piece. As such, the result is a shirt that does not only give you an impeccable feeling of comfort, but one that also reflects our personality. When tastefully embroidered initials are added, we reach a place where all elegant men wish to enter, the realm of individuality in clothing.

Our shirts are the ALBINI Group’s top quality 100% cotton Classic Express 1,500-piece-popeline, satin, piquet, zephyr, twill, oxford woven dessin, and specially-woven Austrian GETZNER materials. The collar (12 types), the cuff (7 kinds) and pocket (4 kinds) designs, the colour of the thread and other components can be selected according to individual needs.

Tailored Shirts SALE!

At least a HUF 5,000 discount in case of purchasing 2 Austrian Getzner 100% cotton shirts, and HUF 10,000 off when purchasing 3.

Further information and conditions at the store.


You can choose the materials that best suit your needs in our tailoring studio.

We can provide the widest range of fabrics, regarding material quality, colour and pattern matching the selected style.

We carry selected collections by Albini, Thomas Mason and Cross & Field’s private collection of Getzner fabrics.